Miss Transport

It has started off its journey with its knowledge and experience of years by carrying your all sizes and quantities of machines and tools whatever the conditions in domestic or abroad conditions are.

Shipping Site:
   Our vehicles are kept ready in garages. We carry on our domestic and foreign transportation projects, lowbed , full or partial transportations from each side of Turkey to European ( leaded by Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands to all other European countries) CIS countries (Azerbaijani – Georgia -Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan – Tajikistan –Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Moldova , Russia ) Middle East and Arabian countries (Iran – Kuwait - Syria – UAE - Dubai -Jordan-Lebanon )

   Our company is working under Anadolu Sigorta in insurance market and its all loadings are under insurance of C.M.R. According to C.M.R. agreement our company is under an assurance of 1.000.000.-Euro in the situations the T.T.K. (Turkish Trade Act) articles are applied and any transported tool is under our firm’s assurance of up to 400.000,00 Euro in unwanted status.

Our Quality Perception:
   Reliability: our relationship with our employees, customers and other business partners are transparent, long term, lasting and carried on honesty base. We do trust them all and expect them to trust us as well.

Determination: Our company, making Quality service a standard and targeting being the best, always has a main target of nonstop moving with a determined structure. With the power we get from our determined structure, we may always make a difference by doing better than our competitors.

Customer Orientation: The way to protect and develop the present work passes from maximizing the customer satisfaction. In order to enhance this pleasure, the customers’ priorities determine our priorities.

Perfection and Zero Defect: Miss Transport has moved one step more forward trough zero defect target with 100% perfect transportation more day by day, by the transportations it had done with 97% no error transportation percentage.

Work Security: Miss Transport has always attached priority to Work Security in its services and has done everything required on that way.

Quality Policy:

  • Following the market developments in order to meet manufacturer, exporter and importer’s needs and expectations,
  • Provide fast, secure, innovative and efficient services in international transportation and heavy transportation area,
  • Routing the service type and quality according to our customer's present and possible needs, demands and expectations,
  • By being top level sensitive to customer satisfaction and legal directives, serving in a preferred, secure and fast way,
  • Being so near to our customers that they can reach us,
  • With our sense of leadership and teaming awareness optimizing all processes and activities in respect of productivity and efficiency keeping creating value prior,
  • Using our sources in most effective way, meeting more source demand when needed,
  • Developing creativity and performance by providing employees’ job satisfaction and motivation,
  • Applying the requirements of Quality Management System, providing efficient and continuity of the system,
  • Espousing doing our job on the first time completely and correctly by continuously targeting more perfection and continuously recruiting and developing.

Our Mission:
   Always developing our market share and company image by the services we provide, showing our difference.

Our initial target is to follow and use new technologies in transportation market providing the most optimal solutions to our customers creating plus values.

Our Vision:
   Miss Transport is incontestable leader of Heavy Construction Equipment Transportation market in our country. Owing to the high technology transportation equipments and professional transportation team our company is always a spearhead with the solutions it offers. Miss Transport has adopted being always one step forward with its services than the customers market competitors as a vision.

With the power we gain from our fast and quality understanding and determination to succeed we work to be always the best by doing the best and being a more effective company in international arena.

While travelling through this target, we give much importance to mutual trust, superior business ethic and honest behavior principle in our commercial and social relations.